Choosing the Right Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer, Interview with Jennifer G.

Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer

When selling a structured settlement or annuity, the most important decision you can make is choosing the right structured settlement annuity buyer with whom to work. To help you find the best one, we’re going right to the source and interviewing Jennifer G., a customer service rep who used to work for a company that didn’t look out for its customers’ best interests. After reading this interview, you’ll not only learn what to look for in a reputable structured settlement annuity buyer, but also how you can avoid dealing with an unscrupulous one.

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Sound Advice on Choosing the Best Structured Settlement Buyers

Best Structured Settlement Buyers

If you’ve decided to sell your structured settlement, you’ve no doubt found a myriad of structured settlement buyers, each claiming that they can give you the most cash for your payments. From late-night TV ads to giant billboards, there’s no shortage of ways that funding companies will try and grab your attention. But how do you know which structured settlement buyer is truly the best choice for you?

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Sell My Annuity: The Perfect Formula

Sell My Annuity

When I decided to sell my annuity, I developed a sure-fire formula to successfully get it done. I’m a chef by trade, so following a formulaic ritual that ensures ingredients are combined to create the perfect meal comes naturally to me. The beauty of a recipe is that it breaks the complicated task of preparing the perfect meal into succinct, manageable parts.

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