Lottery Annuities

Selling Lottery Annuities

If you’re currently receiving lottery annuity payments, listen up! You can get more of your money faster, in a large lump sum by selling your payments. has made it easy to get a quote, get you through the process, and get your cash.

Selling Lottery Annuities

This is not a loan or a gimmick. Selling your lottery annuity is a fantastic way to handle debt or address some other financial need, without the fear of ruining your credit or having even MORE debt than what you started with. If you qualify, we will get the process underway so you can have cash-in-hand as quickly as possible.

Lottery annuity payouts that are spread out over a number of years can be a great, predictable way to plan out how you’ll handle bills or other expenses. But what happens when an unexpected event happens? Would you have enough in your bank account to handle it or would it completely wipe you out financially? By selling all or part of your lottery annuity, you’ll be able to tackle those unpredictable emergencies and be on track to reach other financial goals.

Trust us to Do it Right

Unlike other settlement funding companies, we are transparent and will keep you in the loop when you choose to sell your lottery annuity. If you have questions about your lump sum amount, taxes, the funding process, or timeline, our friendly representatives will be happy to assist! You can even get up to a $500 cash advance for collateral when you connect with us. and affiliates have purchased lottery annuities for over 10 years, building a stellar reputation.

Life happens and there’s nothing like peace of mind when you’re able to address your financial needs with confidence. Sell your lottery annuity today! Call 1.800.543.6513 or fill out our form to request a quote!

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