When is the Right Time to Sell Your Structured Settlement?

When is the Right Time to Sell Your Structured Settlement

The decision of whether or not to sell your structured settlement can potentially be one of the biggest in your life. Receiving structured settlement payments provides a predictable source of income, but receiving a large lump sum when you need it most can drastically change your circumstances and your life. Don’t approach the decision lightly – make sure you have all the information you need to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Don’t rush to sell your structured settlement simply because you’d like to have more money. You should only consider selling your structured settlement if the money can be used to better your life in the near future.

Funds obtained from selling a structured settlement can be used for a multitude of life-enhancing reasons such as going back to school, securing a reliable vehicle, paying off high-interest debt, or putting a down payment on a home. However, if you’re looking to fund frivolous expenditures such as shopping sprees or fancy vacations, you should explore other options. Before deciding to sell your structured settlement, think about the reasons you need the money and whether or not other viable options exist.

If you decide to sell your structured settlement, make sure it is for the right reasons and consider whether or not the decision will impact or change your life for the better.

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement?

There are a number of situations when selling a structured settlement can be the best solution. It depends entirely on your personal situation and how you intend to spend the money.

If you suffered injuries in an accident that prevent you from returning to work and are receiving a structured settlement, why not leverage that money to better your life? By selling your structured settlement, you could go back to school and train for another career or use the money to start your own business. Instead of simply covering your expenses, you can use your structured settlement to change your life.

If I Sell My Structured Settlement, How Can I Use the Money?

The money you receive from selling a structured settlement can be used in a variety of ways and it is dependent on your own situation and goals.

The following are some of the ways people just like you have used the money from selling their structured settlements to better their lives:

• Paid off high interest debt
• Gone back to school
• Purchased a home or vehicle
• Paid off unexpected expenses arising from medical care
• Started a new business or invested the funds

How Do I Know if Now is the Right Time to Sell?

Everyone can always use extra cash – just because you can use the money doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best time to sell your structured settlement. The decision to sell should be made after you’ve exhausted all other reasonable options and the amount you receive will enhance or improve your life in a way not possible through structured payments.

At SellYourStructuredSettlement.com, helping our clients make the best decision for them is our top priority. If you’re considering selling your structured settlement but aren’t sure if now is the right time, give us a call or fill out a quote form and we’ll help you evaluate your situation. There are many options available to you that you might not even be aware of. For instance, depending on how much cash you need, you can sell a part of your structured settlement for a lump sum and continue to receive structured payments.

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