Sell Annuity Payments and Get Your Financial Swagger Back

Sell Annuity Payment

Making a car payment. It’s a simple activity most of us do each month without even thinking about it, but for Krista, it’s much more than that. After her divorce, Krista chose to sell annuity payments in exchange for a lump sum cash payment that did more than help her through the tough times – it brought her financial swagger back.

Reasons to Sell Your Annuity Payments

“After years of depending on my husband to manage our finances, I found myself hopelessly lost after my divorce,” explained Krista.

“Fending for myself for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the sheer cost of living – rent, food, etc. I quickly realized that without some help, I was going to be in trouble. That’s when I decided to sell annuity payments and receive a lump sum that would help me get over the financial hurdles I was facing. With the money I received, I was able to move into a better apartment and put a down payment on a new car, which allowed me to get a better paying job. Now, I finally feel that I have everything in control. My confidence in myself has been restored and for the first time in my life, I truly feel that I have my independence. I actually enjoy making my car payments! To me, it’s a testament to how far I’ve come and the bright future I have ahead of me. Thanks to the friendly staff at Sell Your Structured Settlement, I can honestly say I’ve got my financial swagger back!”

Sell Annuity Payments - Sell Your Structured SettlementYou don’t have to sacrifice your happiness and confidence for the sake of financial commitments. If you’re receiving annuity payments and feeling overwhelmed by your finances or are being held back from life-changing opportunities because you lack the money to pursue them, consider selling your annuities for a cash lump sum.

When Kenneth approached us about selling his annuity payments, he was looking for a way to help youth in his neighborhood find a positive outlet for their energy and cultivate skills they could use later in life.

“I live in an area where the kids don’t have a lot of opportunities for after-school activities,” explained Kenneth.

“There are a lot of single-parent families, a lot of parents working late hours or two to three jobs to make ends meet. That left a lot of kids unsupervised after school and they mostly just congregated around convenience stores and whatnot and a few of them got into trouble.

“I went to to help find a way for me to help. The friendly customer service rep worked through my situation with me and I decided to sell annuity payments and open a not-for-profit community center.

“Now, the kids have somewhere to go after school. They can socialize with each other in a productive environment and interact with positive role models in the community. I offer lots of activities as well as areas for the kids to play sports, including a basketball court. Kids of all ages just love having the opportunity to participate in the activities we have going on here, in just a few months it really has made a substantial impact on the community.

“I have parent and non-parent residents alike come up to me all the time, thanking me for what I’ve done for the neighborhood. For me, I get just as much enjoyment out if it as the kids, I live to help kids grow into successful, productive adults. Making the decision to sell my annuity payments, has really paid off.”

For Krista, selling her annuity payments meant gaining her financial independence; for Kenneth, it meant making a real difference in his community and building something he could truly be proud of. Your reasons for selling your annuity payments may be completely different, but nonetheless worthwhile.

If you’re ready to regain your independence and get your financial swagger on, call us today to sell your structured settlement at (800) 543-6513 or request a quote online to find out how you can get the most money when you sell annuity payments.