Structured Settlement Buyers: Finding the Best in Your City


There are common life struggles we all face, such as how we’re going to pay off our student loans, care for aging parents, or save enough money to put a down payment on a house. Many large structured settlement buyers are familiar with these struggles as they weigh on the minds of most Americans – what they aren’t familiar with are the struggles unique to all the different geographical areas that make up the United States of America.

America is not a homogeneous market and sellers of structured settlements are not homogeneous customers. When approaching structured settlement buyers, you want someone who understands the difficulties and stresses of your individual circumstances, not a company that paints all their customers with the same brush and treats them like an assembly line.

At, we take great steps to ensure we thoroughly understand the particular nuances of your specific situation. The needs of a customer in Florida will vary greatly from those of a customer in Maryland, and understands that. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with insightful, knowledgeable guidance based on their particular circumstances and locale.

Were you amongst Detroit’s 300,000 citizens that had their water turned off for owing as little as $150? Or are your children amongst the 25% in Phoenix, Arizona, living in a household struggling to put food on the table? Or are you one of the tens of thousands of Texans in fear of losing your job due to falling oil prices? doesn’t see these stories as news headlines – we see them as real people with real struggles, and we’re here to help.

When we received calls from customers in Nevada and Illinois struggling to pay bills due to chronic unemployment, we helped them sell their structured settlements and get their lives back on track. These states have some of the highest rates of unemployment in America, and while other structured settlement buyers may have dismissed the concerns of these customers as simply a ‘bump’ in their employment track, we knew they needed help – and they needed it fast. Take Dawn, for instance. Born and raised in Chicago, Dawn moved to the rural city of Galesburg to pursue a career in bookkeeping for a transportation company. After the financial collapse in 2008, Dawn was laid off and could never regain steady work. She worked at several part-time jobs to pay the bills, but without the security of steady income, expenses kept creeping up and she could never seem to get ahead. That’s when she decided she needed to make a change. She approached us about selling her structured settlement and using the funds to go back to school to train for a career in the flourishing biotech industry that would allow her to move back to Chicago and live comfortably. It was this company that outshined the other structured settlement buyers claiming to offer the best price. Understanding the struggles of her area, we were able to help Dawn fund her dreams of returning to school, and we’re happy to report she’s not only living well, but thriving, back home in Chicago.

How about customers from Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota and Wyoming? These states maintain minimum wages below the federal minimum, and our customers come to us not out of work, but as fully employed workers that are still struggling to make ends meet. We’re eager to help these Americans sell their structured settlements for the most money possible so that they can finally gain the financial leg up they so desperately need. Consider the case of Gary. Gary worked three part-time jobs in Georgia, all paying under $7 an hour. Despite 90-hour workweeks, he still fell behind on his bills. Over the course of several years, he racked up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card bills – debts he could barely afford to keep up the minimum payments on. understood Gary’s predicament – he wasn’t an over-spender having buyer’s remorse, he was a hard-working man doing what he had to in order to simply get by. We helped Gary sell his structured settlement to pay off his nagging debt and start working to enjoy all Georgia has to offer, not pad the pockets of credit card companies.

When it comes to structured settlement buyers, local knowledge does make a difference. If you’re looking to substantially improve your circumstances by selling a structured settlement, contact us by calling 1-800-543-6513 or requesting a quote online, and discover the world of difference speaking with someone who understands you can make.