Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments for Cash

Sell Your Structured Settlement for Cash

Structured settlement payments are predictable; life is not. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and regular payments just aren’t enough. If a large lump sum could improve your circumstances but you depend on your regular payments, you may have discounted selling your annuity payments for cash because you value the security of dependable payments. You should know that you don’t have to choose between the reliability of guaranteed payments and the benefits of a cash infusion – there are options for people just like you that can give you both. One big one is to sell structured settlement payments for cash.

Selling a Portion of Your Payments

Selling your payments for an added financial boost doesn’t have to be a one-shot deal. If you have an immediate financial need, you have the option of selling only a portion of your total settlement award to address that need and still maintain regular payments.

To better understand how selling a portion of your structured settlement can improve your life, consider the case of Kristen. Kristen married young and never established a career of her own, depending on her husband for income. Her life was turned upside down one snowy February afternoon when she learned her husband had been killed in a car accident. The other driver was at fault – driving way too fast for the weather conditions – and Kristen successfully sued, resulting in a one million dollar settlement that would be paid out to her over twenty years.

Having always depended on her husband to manage the household finances, Kristen enjoyed the dependability of consistent structured settlement payments that allowed her to maintain a budget she could stick to. Then she got sick. Really sick. As her medical bills piled up, she found herself slowly drowning in debt. Her carefully planned budget based on predictable payments had become useless in the face of life’s unpredictability.

She needed help – and fast. She had the option to sell her structured settlement payments for cash but was afraid of losing her dependable income. With limited knowledge of managing finances and scarce options in the job market, she was afraid of becoming worse off in the long run. That’s when she contacted and learned that she could pay off her medical expenses and keep the payments she relied on. She discovered that selling her payments didn’t necessarily mean she had to sell her entire settlement for one lump sum. She could sell part of her settlement and still receive steady income for the remainder.

Reasons for Cashing In Your Settlement

The reasons people choose to opt for cash for their settlements are varied. You might, like Kristen, have an immediate and unexpected need that arises, such as medical expenses or a change in circumstances. You might also need the money to finance opportunities that will improve your life in the future, such as going back to school or starting a business.

Whatever your particular situation, understand that there are options available to help you should the need arise. Don’t suffer through financial hardship or delay important life decisions simply because you don’t want to lose the security of your structured settlement payments. We review cases on a client-by-client basis and will provide you with the best solution for your particular situation – whether that means selling all or only part of your awarded settlement.

If you have an immediate financial need but are wary of losing your structured payments, get in touch with either by phone or email and we’ll help you to evaluate your situation and decide whether or not selling all or a portion of your payments is right for you.