5 Things to Consider Before You Sell Your Structured Settlement

5 Reasons Sell Structured Settlement

Monetarily speaking, you may have hit a rough patch, or maybe you’re trying to avoid
future debts. Instead of securing a loan from a financial institution, selling your structured
settlement payments may be a more viable option to get quick cash.

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement?

Don’t wait for your payments to accrue into a sizable sum of money. People like you sell their structured
settlements for a lump sum of cash every day. The sections below outline major
considerations to make when you sell your structured settlement.

How Important is Selling Your Structured Settlement?

The first questions you must ask yourself are how urgently do you need an influx of
money and more importantly, why do you need it? If you’ve landed yourself into a
financial pickle because of poor money management, the chances are high you’ll
mismanage what you’ll receive from selling your structured settlement. However, there
are plenty of good reasons why a structured settlement buyout could prove beneficial. If
you plan to pay off medical bills, put a down payment on a home, or invest wisely, then it
may be prudent for you to sell your structured settlement.

Know the Various Options For Payouts

Just as the reason for selling your structured settlements is unique, a trusted firm will
work with you to explore all your payout options. You can sell your structured settlement
entirely in a full buyout. You can also sell a portion of your payments for a partial
purchase. With a partial purchase, you determine how many payments you want to sell:
they can be five years of payments for years 10 through15 or the last 2 years of
payments. Sellers can also work out a split disbursement partial purchase where the
company receives a portion of each payment, and you get the remainder; this is a
popular option for people who rely on the money they receive to make ends meet.

Understand State Laws And The Process For Selling Your Structured Settlement

Before you even consider receiving a quote to sell your structured settlement, consult a
local attorney or financial advisor to determine what do expect and if there are any
restrictions in your state. Though commercials and ads may make it seem that getting
cash for your structured settlement is as simple as picking up a phone, most states
require going through the proper legal channels, including going before a judge to hear
your case. The entire process takes at the very least a few weeks to complete.
Familiarizing yourself with what to expect will make for an all-around easier structured
settlement buyout experience.

Budget For Future Financial Security

You know you need cash now, but when present needs are weighing down on you, it’s
easy to forget to plan for the future. Create an airtight plan that includes how you are
going to pay your regular bills and general living expenses without the payments you’ve
grown accustomed to receiving. If you are not working and relying on monthly payments
to afford your current lifestyle, then you’ll need to determine a source on income so your
home doesn’t fall into foreclosure or you become buried in debt. Preparing for the future
today is crucial when you need to sell your structured settlement.